Special Vehicle


Here are some examples of our developed to individual customer requirements special constructions:

-    Euro Combi truck combination with up to 25.25 m vehicle length
-    Flat bed trailer with wheel troughs for example wheel loader transports
-    Ballast trailer for crane weights
-    Heavy duty semitrailer with width and height adjustable sliding tarpaulin body
loading ramps for example Forklift shipments or large machinery transport

-    Semitrailer with extension cylinder for garbage container
-    Walking floor trailer with crane superstructure for example for scrap iron
-    Box bodies for motor vehicles and trailers for carrying fragile loads
-    Telescopic saddle for long material transportation such as steel beams

Volume semitrailers

-    1 -, 2 -, 3 - or 4-axle
-    cranked vehicles for maximum volume
-    Deep bed versions
-    Floor bearing capacity according to DIN 70013 Part 3/3.2.6 (5.5 tons).

... all these and many other ways, that make your transport tasks more economic.

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