Heavy Duty Semitrailer



-   Welded frame made of high-quality steel profiles with persistent profiled
    cross-members, heavy duty external frame


-   Hardwood floor with OMEGA-trails in outer frame, flush fitted


-   Reinforced steel construction, approximately 1750 mm high, fixed, inner side 
    covered with 9 mm film coated plywood boards, including storage rack for stakes

Stake pockets / stakes

-   Ten pairs of stake pockets, inserted in outer frame, evenly partitioned,
    with galvanized stakes, 800 mm useable length

-   Four stake pocket rows across cargo bed


-   Nine pairs of flappable lashing rings, evenly partitioned, drag force 8 to.

-   Eight pairs of flappable lashing rings, evenly partitioned, drag force 2,5 to.


Laden weight

38.000 Kg / 44.000 Kg

Axle load limit

27.000 Kg

Fifth wheel load

12.000 Kg / 18.000 Kg

Unladen weight

from 6.340 Kg

Rave rail height

            1.300 mm                     1.050 mm

Fifth wheel height

            1.150 mm                        950 mm


      385/65R 22,5 

435/50R 19,5

Innen       lenght

13.620 mm


2.480 mm / 2.550 mm

*These specifications are an example of our many combinations and are not legally binding.

Vehicles available with options like

-   Telescopic beam

-   Fifth-wheel load up to 18 to. (max. permissible gross weight 44 to.)

-   Axle lift for the 1st axle, automatically controlled load-dependent

-   Twist locks, retractable into floor, for 1 x 40’ container and/or 2 x 20’ containers

-   Twist locks for containers, flush-mounted in cargo bed, extendable to a width of
     approximately 3.000 mm

-   Bracket for truck-mounted forklift with extendable zinc-plated mounts an hinged
     underrun protection

-   Bulkhead extension, drop-in type, grid

-   Storage box at bulkhead, zinc-plated, with top
-   Lashing winch for steel cable, with hook on opposite side, including cable
    openings in outer frame

-   Four extracting warning signs with one clearance light each, connection
    via 3-pin connector

-   Caster-steered rearmost axle, with automatic and manual pneumatic lock-out
-   Sidewalls and tailgate made of aluminum hollow profiles, 600 mm – 800 mm -
    1.000 mm high, removable and flappable, removable
    Kinnegrip stakes (inner width 2.480 mm)

-   Wing-type tailgate

-   Storage rack for wall panels and stakes under chassis, left-hand and
     right-hand side

-   Rear extension, mechanically or pneumatically driven
-   Aluminum rims

... all these and many other ways, that make yourtransport tasks more economic.


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