The special offer for our customers:

"full service" for your vehicles

The special offer for our customers is our extensive service and repair package, which completes our services.

In our best-equipped repair shop, customers could let perform all their repair and maintenance work.

If required, we can straighten out and repair your damaged vehicles on the repair bench. Services such as brake service, exhaust gas, special and general inspections of the vehicles and a comprehensive spare parts sale complete the services of H&W.

With the combination of repair and spare parts service, coupled with the core competency "special vehicle construction", we make sure to serve our customers in all aspects of repair and service of trailers / semi-trailers and trucks professionally and quickly. Released synergy, which will benefit to our customers, can be rarely found in the industry and in excess of the capacity of a conventional workshop.

We offer:

+ Service / Repair
+ Reconstructions
+ Frame repair bench
+ Frame adjustments
+ Continuous blasting machine
+ Spare Parts Service
+ Painting / Lettering (including driver’s cab)
+ Tank assembly
+ Motor Vehicle Hydraulic
+ Installation of communication equipment / OBU
+ Safety Check
+ Speedometer examination

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